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Dictionary of Sex Terms and Slang.

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Dictionary of Sexual Terms and Slang

Please help us keep this dictionary of sex terms and slang up-to-date.
new words and meaning to us... Thank you.


A Spot - An erogenous zone located in the anus near the prostate.
Abstinence - Not having sex.
Abstinence - Not having sex.
Acquaintance Rape - Being raped by someone the victim knows.
Active - The aggressive sexual partner.
Acomoclitic - Having a sexual preference for hairless genitals.
Acrophilia - Sexual arousal from heights.
Acucullophalia - circumcision.
AC/DC - Term referring to a bisexual person.
Adult babies - Refers to people who get sexual satisfaction from dressing up as infants. Wearing diapers, etc.
Adultery - Having sex with a married person.
Aelurophilia - Sexual arousal from cats.
Age of Consent - The legal age that one is considered old enough to have sex.
All Cultures - A person or a couple who enjoys all fetishes and sexual activities.
American Culture - Man on top missionary position.
An Agate -A very small penis.
Agonophilia - Attraction to sex in public places.
Anal Beads - Small beads together on a string that are inserted into the rectum and removed during climax.
Analingus - Kissing, licking and penetration of the anus by the tongue. (See Rim Job).
Androgyny - Having both male and female characteristics.
Animal Training - Games in which one or more partners takes on the role of an animal. Usually a dog or pony, sometimes involves bridals and collars.
Anorgasmia - The inability to have an orgasm.
Anus - The opening of the rectum.
Areola -The dark area around a woman's nipple.
Around the World - A full compliment of sexual acts.
Asphyxiaphilia - Self strangling of one self when approaching orgasm to enhance the intensity of the orgasm.
Astenolagnia - Sexual arousal from being humiliated.
Astyphia - Impotence.
Auntie - An old male homosexual.
Auto Eroticism - Masturbation.
Auto-Fellatio - The act of performing fellatio on ones own penis. Less than 1% of males are able to do it.
Autogynephilia - Sexual arousal from cross dressing.
Auto-Sadism - An act whereby one inflicts pain on oneself.
Autopederasty - The act of inserting ones own penis into their rectum.
Auxiliary Intercourse - Sexual climax achieved by moving the erect penis back and forth in the armpit.
Axillism - Using the armpit for sexual gratification.


Bag - The scrotum.
Balantis -An inflammation of the glans and the foreskin of the penis.
Ball - verb (To Ball) having sex.
Ball Bag - The scrotum.
Ball Locks - A lock intended for use locking on the scrotum above the testicles. The lock does not have to be designed for this purpose to be useful, but a clever balance between too heavy and too narrow a haft must be walked. This could also be a locking parachute.
Balls - The testicles.
Bare-assed - Nude, naked.
Basket - The bulge made by male sex organs in jeans, briefs and trunks.
Basket Shopping - Observing the male genitalia through clothing.
Bastinado - Form of torture or punishment involving beating the soles of the feet.
BBW - Big Beautiful Women.
Beat Off - verb to masturbate.
Bear - A large man with hairy body.
Bi-Curious - A male of female who is interested in trying same sex activities.
Bi-Sexual - One who enjoys both sexes.
Blind - An uncircumcised penis.
Blissom - Sexual intercourse with a sheep.
Blow - To perform oral intercourse.
Blow Job - The act of oral intercourse.
Blue Balls - Severe need to experience sexual orgasm, erotic condition of discomfort.
Blue Cheese Butthole - Foul odor coming from woman's anus that is so strong her lover has to cover it with his hand during sex to redirect the fumes from irritating his nasal passages. The fumes are so strong he vomits and is never again able to eat salad dressing.
Blue Movies - adult x-rated movies.
Boobs - Female breast.
Bondage - Sexual practice of employee restraints, may or may not involve sexual contact.
Bonkers - Female breast.
Bottom - The person who takes on the role of the submissive in a S & M relationship.
Burnt Up Penis - Woman who jacks you off with Lava soap and and removes all the skin off the shaft leaving scars and months of rehabilitation to recover.
Butterfly Board - Board with a hole cut to the shape of the cock and balls. The board is placed over the genitals and the skin of the edges of the cock and scrotum is pinned with needles or nails to it.
Boy - Common term for male submissive, especially among gay men.
Breast Ball - Placing the penis between female breasts and pumping until climax.
Bring-Off - verb to ejaculate in the male.
Bronco - Young male who is difficult to restrain during intercourse.
Brown - To perform anal intercourse.
Brownie Queen - Passive partner in anal intercourse, the receiver of anal sex.
Bugger - To perform anal intercourse.
Bug Eyed - A man who has oral sex with a woman then wakes the next morning to find his eyes welded together with a crab infestation causing uncontrollable anger.
Bull-Dyke - A masculine female homosexual.
Bummer - Active partner in anal sex.
Buns - The buttocks.
Butt Plug - A somewhat phallic shaped device for inserting in the anus for sexual pleasure.
BV -Bacterial vaginosis, an inflammation of the vagina caused by a change in the vaginal bacteria.


Can - The buttocks.
Candy Maker - Someone who masturbates a male and then consumes the ejaculated semen.
Can Entertain - Someone advertising for a swinging encounter who invites others to their home.
Can Travel - Someone advertising for a swinging encounter who can travel to your home or location for sex.
Castration - Render the testicles inoperable by surgery or chemical.
Cat o' Nine Tails - Popular whip used in S & M sex circles.
Celibacy -Not having sex.
Change Your Luck - To engage in a gay sex act for the first time.
Chastity belt - Device for ensuring a virgin remains a virgin. A belt that covers the vagina, not allowing male penetration.
Cherry - One who is still a virgin.
Chemical Castration - Use of drugs such as Depo-Provera to decrease sexual desire.
Chicken - A young, attractive male.
Chlamydia - A sexually transmitted disease that can cause sterility in men and women.
Circle Jerk - A group of men who enjoy greater sexual pleasure from jacking off together.
Circumcision - Surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis.
Clap - Slang for gonorrhea or other venereal disease.
Climax - Male or female orgasm.
Clit - The clitoris.
Clitoris - Anatomical structure of the female genitalia most associated with strong feelings of pleasure when stimulated.
Closet Queen - A male homosexual who hides his desires for other men.
Coming Out - The process of accepting and being open about one's sexual orientation.
Cock - The penis.
Cock Ring - Rubber or metal ring that slips round base of cock and balls when soft. Used to stimulate a erection and last longer during sex.
Coochy - The vagina, or a whore.
Cocksucker - Sometime derogatory. One who performs oral intercourse on the penis.
Cockteaser - One who excites a male with out carrying on to actual sexual relations.
Coitus - Sexual intercourse.
Coitus Interruptus - Withdrawal of the penis prior to ejaculation.
Collar and Lead - For humiliation, where a submissive wears the collar and is treated much like a dog.
Come - To achieve sexual orgasm.
Condom - Rubber sheath worn on the penis to prevent the spread of disease, and to prevent pregnancy.
Corn hole - Anal intercourse.
Coprophilia - Gaining sexual pleasure from playing with fecal matter.
Corona-Rim of flesh which forms the base of the head of penis.
Crabs - Lice which infect the pubic area of the body.
Cross Dressing - Act of a male wearing female clothing, taking on the mask of being female.
Crotch - The genitals area.
Cruising - The hunt for a sex partner.
Associated with gay males.
Cub - A young, and perhaps smaller and submissive man who seeks the company of bears.
Cuckold -Describes a wife who swings and comes home to tell her husband about the encounters.
Cunnilingus - Oral sex performed on a female.
Cum - Semen.
Cunt - The vagina.
Cupping - The placing of rubber suction devices on the skin to cause sexual stimulation.
Cut - meaning a circumcised penis, referred to as a "cut penis".


Dacryphilia - Sexual arousal from seeing tears in the eyes of one's sexual partner.
Daddy - A role taken on by some dominants or tops that mimics that of a parent, could be part of a long-term relationship as with master/mistress-slave.
Daisy Chain - A group sex activity in which there is a linking of several people by oral connections.
Derriere - The buttocks.
Dick - The penis.
Diddle - To perform masturbation.
Dildo - a sex toy that replaces the male penis is form and shape in a sex act.
Director -The principal person who runs a swing club.
Dirty Sex - games involving food, fecal mater.
Discipline - Refers to the act of sexual behavior that the dominate inflicts on the submissive one in a S & M relationship. Could involve pain, punishment, etc.
Doggy Style - Sex from behind, sexual position used by dogs.
Dog Training - Games involving treating the submissive as a dog.
Dom - Short for dominant.
Dominant - A person who practices domination in a B & D relationship.
Dominatrix - A woman who enjoys taking the dominant role but almost always refers specifically to the professional dominatrix who charges for staging scenes where she dominates mainly male clients.
Don Juanism - Situation where men want to have sex with many different partners.
Dong - The penis, or a sex toy resembling the penis.
Drag Queen - Male who dresses in female clothing.
Dress code - Referring to BDSM and gay parties where goers dress in a certain way such as leather, or rubber wear.
Drive It Home - Forceful intercourse, to fully insert the penis in the vagina or anus.
Dry Fuck - Moving against another partner while clothed. To simulate intercourse.
Dungeon - a room specially equipped for SM, B&D sex.
Durex - Best known British brand of condom.
Dyke - A lesbian.


Easy - A person who has sex with others quickly after meeting them.
Eat Out - To perform oral sex on a woman.
Ejaculate - Male climax with semen.
English Culture - Sexual stimulation from spanking or caning.
Erection - Aroused state of the penis from blood flow.
Erectile Dysfunction - Problem where a man can't get an erect penis.
Erogenous Zone - Any area of the body very sensitive to erotic touch.
Eunuch - A male who has had his testicles removed.
Exhibitionist - A person who derives sexual gratification by displaying his/her body to others, or having sex in front of others.


Family Jewels - The testicles.
Fanny - The buttocks.
Fellatio - performing oral sex on the penis.
Fetish - An object or part of the body which is normally considered non-sexual but which arouses erotic feelings.
Fish - A female.
Fisting - Inserting your entire hand into your partner's vagina or anus.
Flagellation - Whipping or beating to sexual orgasm.
French Culture - Sexual activity consisting of oral sex.
French Kiss - Deep kiss using the tongue.
Frotteur - is someone who gets sexually aroused by brushing up against clothed people in public places.
Fruit - A male homosexual.
Full House - Having more than one venereal disease at the same time.


Gang Bang - Group sex where one person is having sex consecutively by many others in turn or at the same time.
GBM - Gay Black Man.
Genitals - The human reproductive organs.
Generous -Refers to money for sex.
Getting Some Shut Eye - A woman who drinks so much she passes out and her lover shoots his load in her eyes and by morning her eyes are so matted up she scratches her corneas trying to get her eyelids apart.
Glory Hole - An opening cut into the partition between two stalls in a men's restroom through which oral intercourse can be performed.
Going Down On - To perform oral sex.
Golden Shower - One person urinates on another for sexual pleasure.
Gonads -Organs that produce reproductive cells, the testes and ovaries.
Gonorrhea - A STD that can cause sterility, heart problems and arthritis.
Greek - Anal intercourse.
Greek Culture - Sexual activities involving anal sex.
Grope - To touch another's genitals.
Group Room - A room set aside in a swing club for group sex.
G-Spot - Interior spot in the vagina where great pleasure can be derived if stimulated.
G-String - A small pair of panties or briefs with a string going up the rear.
Gynecomastia - A condition where the male breasts grow larger.


Hand Job - Stroking of the penis.
HARD ON - An erection.
Head - Give oral sex.
Head Lights - Female breasts.
Heart Attack Zac - A navy seaman who smokes such a big blunt that he drives around for an hour wondering how he is still able to drive without a heartbeat, ruining his high.Hedonist -Someone who lives for pleasure.
Heterosexual - A person who engages in sex with the opposite sex.
Hog -Penis.
Homosexual - A person who has sex with the same sex.
Horny - Having a strong desire to have sex.
Hung - A man who has a large penis.
Hypophilia - Having sex very infrequently.
HWP -Height Weight Proportionate, someone who is at their ideal body weight.


Impotent - Unable to engage in sexual intercourse.
Incest - Having sex with family members.
Infantilism - Sexual attraction to baby items, wearing diapers, sucking on bottle.
Introitus - The inner tissue of the vulva that frames the opening to the vagina.


Jack Off - To masturbate, or stroke the penis.
Jail Bate - A person, usually referring to a female who is under the legal age to have sex with.
Jerk Off - To masturbate, or stroke the penis.
John - A term referring to a man who pays prostitutes for sex.
Johnson - Penis.
Joint - The penis.
Juicy Lucy - Oral sex with a woman who spews so much cum you can't swallow it all.
Jungle Sex - Obtaining pleasure during sex by pulling hair, using nipple clamps, ball stretchers, etc.


Klismaphilia - Sexual pleasure from enemas.
Knock Off a Piece - To have sexual intercourse.
Knockers - female breasts.


Labia Majora - The larger, outer lips of the vulva.
Labia Monora - The smaller inner lips of the vulva.
Lactobacilli - Healthy bacteria present in the vagina.
Lay - To perform sexual intercourse.
Lesbian - A female who desires sex with other females.
Libido - Your sexual appetite or desire to have sex.
Load - Semen.
LobCock - A large, relaxed penis.


Marital Aids - Sex toys, vibrators.
Marital Rape - Forced sex within a marriage.
Masochism - Painful sexual relations.
Masturbation - Manual manipulation of one's own genitals for sexual pleasure.
Master -The dominate person in a BDSM relationship.
MBC -Married Black Couple.
MBIC -Married Bisexual Couple.
MWC -Married White Couple.
Meat - The penis.
Menarche -A woman's first menstruation.
Menopause - A woman's time after her last menstruation, usually after the age of 45.
Milk Dud - A woman who has anal sex in the morning in the shower before defacating and drops a turdball down the shower drain unexpectantly after the man's penis is pulled out due to too much anal fisting causing severe stretching and internal damage to the rectal walls requiring an anal retread.Muddy Road -Anal intercourse.
Mutual Masturbation - Where partners manipulate each other's genitals at the same time.


Narcissism - One who is stimulated by one's own body.
Necking - To embrace, kiss and fondle.
Necrophilia - Sexual relations with the dead.
New Comers - New people being introduced to swinging.

Nocturnal Emission - Wet Dream.
Nooner - A sex session in the afternoon.
Nuts - The testicles.


One Night Stand - A sexual encounter between two people who will never see each other again.
Open Relationship - A sexual relationship where both partners are free to have sex with others.
Orgasm - The climax, the peak of sensation during sexual activity.
Orgy -Sexual interaction among several men and women in the same room.
Oral Sex - A sexual activity whereby the mouth of one person is used in connection with the sexual organs of another person to produce sexual gratification.


Package - Male genitals.
Papilla - Nipple.
Party - A gathering of three of more people of both sexes for swinging.
Pearl Diver - Performing oral sex on the penis.
Pearl Necklace - Male climaxing around the neck of someone after oral sex.
Pecker - The penis.
Pederasty - Insertion of the penis into the anus.
Pedophilia - Sexual love of a child by an adult.
Peeping Tom - A voyeur.
Penis - The male sex organ.
Penis Panic - A man who is so high he has sex with a woman who's vagina smells so bad that when he comes down he tries to cut off his own penis to get rid of the smell and is hospitalized for temporary insanity.
Piss Test Packer - Ingesting so much Sure Jell in order to pass a drug ordered drug test that they are unable to shit for a solid week.
Perineum - The area between the anus and the testicles, or the anus and vagina.
Pervert - One who receives sexual gratification from kinky sex acts.
Peter - The penis.
Phallus - The penis.
Piece of Ass - Have sex.
To get a piece of ass.
Pictophilia - A state of only being able to be sexually aroused by pornographic pictures or videos.
Plushopile - an individual who finds attraction to and sexual release with their stuffed animals.
Pocket Pool - Masturbating through pants pocket.
Polygamy -Having more than one spouse.
Poke - Sexual intercourse.
Pre-Ejaculate - Natural lubricant which oozes from the penis before reaching orgasm.
Pre-cum - Natural lubricant which oozes from the penis before reaching orgasm.
Premarital Sex - Having sex before being married.
Premature Ejaculation - Reaching orgasm before the time desired.
Priapism -Having a continuous partial erection.
Pro - A professional, someone who takes money for sex.
Punk - A male prostitute.
Pussy - Vagina.


Queef - Air expelled from the vagina during sex caused by hard thrusting from the penis.
Queen - Effeminate male homosexual.
Quickie - A very brief sex act.


Rectum - The tube between the colon and the anus.
Recreational Swinger - Someone or a couple that practices swinging just for the fun of it, not interested in forming any long term friendships or emotional attachments.
Red Wings - Having oral sex with a woman on her period and waking up looking like Krusty the Clown.
Rim Job - To use the tongue on the anus.
Rocky Road - Running your hands over a beautiful girl's body only to find dingleberries in her hairy tangled bush from HELL, but you continue to fuck her anyway.
Rod - The penis.
Roman -Group sex, an orgy.
Roman Culture - Sexual activities centered around orgies.
Rubber - A condom.


Sack Chaser - Female who will suck your penis for drugs.
Sadism - Sexual stimulation associated with the desire to inflict pain on another.
Sadomasochism - Both sadism and masochism existing in the same person.
Safe -Someone who cannot conceive or impregnate.
Safe Word -A previously agreed word or signal used to stop sexual activity once it no longer is enjoyable. Usually associated with BDSM.
Satyriasis - The desire by a man to have sex very frequently with many partners.
SBF -Single Black Female.
SBIF -Single Bisexual Female.
SBM - Single Black Male.
Screamer - Woman who screams so loud her partner has to stick his penis in her mouth to quieten her.
Shlong - Penis Scoring - To achieve a sexual act with someone.
Scrotum - The pouch or sac with contains the testicles.
Semen - The fluid produced during ejaculation of the male.
Shoot - To achieve sexual orgasm in the male and release semen.
Sixty-Nine - Genital oral intercourse performed by two partners simultaneously.
Skirt - Female.
Smegma - White matter which collects under the foreskin of the uncircumcised penis.
Soft Swingers - A couple that only engages in sex with their own partner.
Sodomy - Anal sex.
Sperm - The fluid that erupts from the penis during ejaculation.
Spermicides - Chemicals used to kill or immobilize sperm.
Stallion - A male who possesses a very large penis. (See Hung.)
Statutory Rape - An adult having sex with a person who is below the age of consent.
STD -Sexually Transmitted Disease.
Straight - A heterosexual person.
Stud - A male who is in great demand as a sex partner, usually has a large and popular reputation.
Suck Off - To perform oral sex on the penis.
Sugar Daddy - A man who keeps a younger person for sexual favors.
Swedish Culture - Sexual activities that use the hands.
SWF - Single White Female.
Swinger - Consists of a couple who have sex with other couples.
Switch Hitter - A bi-sexual.
SWM - Single White Male.
Syphilis -STD that can lead to death.


Taboo -Any behavior that is considered beyond the normal morals of the society.
Threesome -Sexual encounter with 3 people at the same time.
Toolbox - The male genitals.
Transgender - Men or women who dress as the opposite sex, not for sexual pleasure.
Transsexuals - A man or woman who identifies themselves as the opposite of the true sex they were born as.
Transvestites - A man or woman who dress as the opposite sex, for sexual pleasures.
Trick - Someone who pays for sex with a prostitute.
TuPac - Female inmate who can smuggle 2 packs or more of cigs into the prison in her vagina.
Turn a Trick - To take on a sex partner for money.


Urethra - Duct which carries urine and semen.
Urolagia - Sexual pleasure from watching another drink urine.


Vagina - Female sex organ.
Vaginitis -An inflammation of the vagina.
Vanilla Sex - Any non-kinky sex acts.
Virility - The sexual ability and power of a male.
Voyeur - One who gains sexual satisfaction from watching others undressing or engaged in sexual acts.
Vulva - A woman's external sexual organs, the labia and the opening to the vagina.


Wanker - Someone who masturbates.
Wang - Penis.
Water Sports - Sex play involving urine.
Wham Bam -Rapid and hurried sexual activity.
Willy -The Penis.
Wiener -The penis.
Work Off -To masturbate.


Xeronisus -Inability to reach an orgasm.
Xylophilia -Being aroused by a wooden object.


Yoni Worship - Worshiping the female genitals.


Zooerastia - Performing intercourse with an animal.
Zoophilia -A person who is sexually attracted to animals.

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Dictionary of Sex Terms and Slang